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Quality takes time, as does the development of sustainable products and a transparent supply chain.

For over 35 years we have strived to bring you local and handmade products that you can enjoy, cherish and pass on to the next generation for a lifetime. We are all the more grateful that we are fortunate enough to have such a supportive community to share our passion with on a daily basis.

A lot of trust and close cooperation is built on the know-how and experience of our cooperation with the producers.

Mimi mit Produzent


The proven VINERUS is a specially developed material and consists of a high-quality canvas fabric and a specially developed coating. This is embossed with the famous phoenix logo and the unmistakable vertical stripe pattern and thus stands out as an unmistakable trademark of Maison Mollerus.

Timeless and elegant, Vinerus has been one of the basic materials of Maison Mollerus since 1984. The name VINERUS can be derived from the coating material VINYL and the name MOLLERUS. VINERUS is a classic that constantly presents itself with adjustments and innovations in line with the spirit of the times. Plaques and applications are gold and/or silver colored depending on the model. In addition, VINERUS is characterized by a high level of durability in use. Only high-quality leather from the most renowned northern Italian tanneries is used as trimmings.


As a Swiss family company, a partnership with us is based on
trust, honesty and respect. A close collaboration with everyone
involved in the production and distribution chain is a matter of course for us.

For us, the love for handbags has been something unique for over 35 years
and special, so we are confident that the manufacture
high-quality products the combination of modern and first-class materials
with years of experience in material processing and manufacturing

To guarantee you locally made products, Maison designs
Mollerus in Switzerland and works with small, traditional companies
family-run production sites in Ticino and Italy, where
the fine bags, small leather goods and luggage with a maximum
Precision and care and great attention to detail are handcrafted. Through
the proximity to the producers is granted to us in close cooperation
Experiences, ideas and improvements take place on a personal level. The
A love of craftsmanship and the demand for perfect quality are essential
Components of our supplier relationship.

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