Experience the luxury of our Maison Mollerus handbags and accessories and underline your unique and special personality. Because you are not one among many. For us, the love for handbags has been something unique for over 35 years.


For more than 35 years, we at Maison Mollerus have stood for high-quality handbags, small leather goods, luggage and accessories. We are dedicated to the love for bags and accessories.

Today, Mimi Mollerus runs the Swiss family business, which was founded in 1984, and is one of the few female entrepreneurs in the luxury handbag industry. She understands what today's woman wants and proves this in every single masterpiece and the many innovations.

The names of the Mollerus masterpieces are also unique. Each model is associated with a piece of Switzerland. The creations are named after a town or city, a river or a mountain in beautiful Switzerland.


More than thirty years ago, Ernst Mollerus founded the company Maison Mollerus in the German Ruhr area, at that time still under the name Monika Mollerus. A token of love to his wife. Over the years and the further development of the brand, Monika became "Maison" and the label Maison Mollerus found its current existence in Switzerland.

Ernst Mollerus always dreamed of designing his own bag collection for his wife, which would carry the family name out into the world.

He went in search of the right material, it had to be an embossed pattern that would show off the logo - an Icarus connecting the letters MM, Maison Mollerus. He opted for the robust and timeless material canvas, tested designs and models and produced the first bags in Switzerland in 1984.


In 2011, Mimi Mollerus took over the management of the family business as CEO. For the entrepreneur, passion and lifeblood are a matter of course. It is important to Mimi Mollerus that the company continues to grow healthily, that the modern woman always understands and that the loyal customer base expands, as does the variety of products. At the end of 2012, Mimi Mollerus relocated the company headquarters from the textile and fashion center in Zurich-Oerlikon to Erlenbach on Lake Zurich, where you will also find the Maison Mollerus flagship store. We are looking forward to your visit!


Every Maison Mollerus bag, small leather goods and luggage has been handmade since 1984, from the first cut to the last stitch, in a local master workshop both in Ticino and in northern Italy. ⁠
Craftsmanship is a tradition at Mollerus - both family businesses are successfully run by the second generation. ⁠The outstanding quality of the traditional craftsmanship has already convinced many customers - each product is a unique piece that is made with a lot of know-how and dedication.⁠

Mimi Mollerus sees many advantages at the Swiss production site. On the one hand, the quality of the products is guaranteed by the close controls and careful manufacture in the local production facilities. On the other hand, the proximity to the production facilities enables quick adjustment to customer needs and trends.

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