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Experience the luxury of our Maison Mollerus handbags and accessories and underline your unique and special personality. Because you are not one among many. For us, the love of handbags is something unique for over 30 years.


For more than 30 years the brand Maison Mollerus stands for high-quality handbags, small leather goods, luggage and accessories.

The names of the masterpieces are also unique. In the naming, each model is associated with a piece of Switzerland. The creations bear the name of a village or town, a river or mountain in Switzerland.

Today, Maison Mollerus includes a colourful range of collections alongside the timeless classic VINERUS black.


More than thirty years ago, Ernst Mollerus founded the company Maison Mollerus. At the beginning, in 1984, the company was still called Monika Mollerus - a token of love for his wife.

Only with the years and further development of the brand, Monika became "Maison". The foundation of the label has its origins in the Ruhr area, where Ernst and Monika Mollerus once ran several fashion shops.

Ernst Mollerus always dreamed of designing his own bag collection that would carry the family name out into the world. He set out to find the right material, an embossed pattern on which the logo would really stand out - an Icarus connecting the letters MM, Maison Mollerus. He decided on canvas, tested designs and models and produced the first bags here in Switzerland in 1984.


In 2011, Mimi Mollerus took over the management of the family business as CEO. For the entrepreneur, passion and heart and soul are fundamental to her daily work. It is important to Mimi Mollerus that the company continues to grow healthily and that the loyal customer base expands, as does the variety of products.

One of the biggest changes with the new management under Mimi Mollerus took place at the end of 2012. After more than 25 years, she decided to move the company headquarters with warehouse and office from the fashion and textile centre in Zurich-Oerlikon to Erlenbach on Lake Zurich. There she also opened the brand's first flagship store.

Today, the Mollerus range comprises around 200 different handbags, plus purses and luggage. Twice a year there is also a special collection designed by the entrepreneur herself.


Mimi Mollerus sees many advantages in the Swiss production location. If she has an idea for a new bag, she tells the producer what she wants and within a short time she already has a prototype in her hands.

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