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Maison Mollerus has partnered with production facilities in Ticino and Italy since 1984, where the bags, as well as small leather products and luggage, are handcrafted with a keen eye for detail.

. Mimi Mollerus sees numerous advantages in the Swiss manufacturing site. If she has an idea for a new bag, she tells the producer, and within a few weeks, she has a prototype in her hands.

The basic range of Maison Mollerus includes around 200 different handbags, small leather goods and luggage. Twice a year, this is expanded by a current collection.

The basic assortment has remained almost unchanged for decades, which is also one of the secrets of the company. This gives customers the opportunity, for example, to buy the same wallet or a favorite bag again in a different color even after ten years.

Mimi Mollerus is responsible for the design of the collections. She develops the collections with the support of a designer. It is important to her that the products bear her signature. Every company has its own signature, and that of Maison Mollerus comes from her, she says. She also does not follow every passing trend, but lets herself be guided by her inner self.



Once a year, a new Limited Edition by Mimi is released. On the occasion of her birthday, she personally or her team designs a very exclusive Maison Mollerus masterpiece as a surprise for her. The MM-BIRTHDAY BAG is limited to only 100 pieces and always triggers a real hype. We are already looking forward to the next edition!

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